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Snow Business - professional artificial winter effects

We are the world leaders in artificial snow and winter effects

Snow Business GmbH guarantees snow and ice at any temperature, as our products do not melt! We have been creating that winter feeling with our exceptional special effects for over 15 years for motion picture and TV industries, photo campaigns, live-events and visual merchandising.

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Film & TV

Transform any location into your ideal photo shoot location. Indoors or outdoors, we have the perfect product for any location or application. Give us a try!


Delight your customers, visitors and staff with our winter illusions. Our portfolio covers everthing from snow effects, via ice illusions to ice lounge rental. Let your guests be blown away by Hollywood's number one choice in all things winter.

VM & Display

We understand the challanges of visual merchandising - restricted spaces, safety regulations, tight budgets and quick turnarounds. Our team will help you to achieve your winter vision using our fake snow for your display.

Snow Business at work

This showreel demonstrate amazing fake snow and fake ice effects in Film & TV, created with our products.