Film & TV - References

"The question is not what you look at but what you see!"   Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

We are a well established name in the creative industries. Well-known directors and producers trust in our professional artificial winter effects and value the straightforward approach of our film-seasoned crew. Whether they were Hollywood blockbusters or TV productions, Snow Business was there.

Mama is no longer - TV production with snow and frost effects

For the tragic comedy "Mama is no longer" with Mariele Millowitsch and Mina Tander we created snow and frost effects. Our artificial snow Frost Powder, a cellulose dust, our snow fleece and our Glitter Snow were used. Production: Wiedemann and Berg. Director: Vivan Naefe. Year of production: 2015.

Gran Paradiso - Frost effects in motion picture

Grand Paradiso was one of the first films for which we created the artificial winter effects. With Glitter Snow, Movie Snow and Ice Ultra the frost and snow effects were realized. The film was produced by Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH, directed by Miguel Alexandre, in a studio in Hamburg, 1999.

Hilfe! Zu Hause sind die Teufel los - Artificial snow in motion picture

Sat1 television production with artificial snow and artificial ice effects created by Snow Business. Produced by Granada for SAT in Berlin, directed by Alexander v. Eisenhart Rothe.

Jingle all the way - Motion picture with fake snow and ice effects

At two locations in Cologne artificial snow effects were created for the Christmas comedy Jingle all the Way. A villa including the garden were covered with artificial snow and also a forecourt of an emergency room. Production: Brainpool TV GmbH, director:Tobi Baumann, 2008.

Bettis Bescherung - Fake snowman and snowball fight with paper snow

By using our Movie Snow HSX we can create a perfect snow landscape and also an artificial snowball fight. Take a look at the making of video for the TV movie Bettis Bescherung . The film was produced by Hessischer Rundfunk under the direction of Thomas Freundner in Frankfurt a. M.

Soglio - Snow storm with paper snow

For this motion picture we created a fake snow storm with our paper snow. This movie was produced by Televisione Svizzera di lingua Italiana and directed by Matteo Bellinelli, on location in Switzerland 2006.

Meine Schöne Bescherung - Artificial snow in motion picture

We covered a complete front yard and some road sections with artificial snow for the funny German comedy Messy Christmas with artificial snow. The film was produced by X Filme Creative Pool GmbH, directed by Vanessa Jopp in 2007.

Valkyrie - Ash effects with black and grey paper snow

Grey and black artificial snow were used to create craters and ashes which are caused by bomb blasts for the motion picture Valkyrie. Director: Bryan Singer, Production: Achte Babelsberg Film GmbH.

Saviors in the Night - Motion picture using fake snow

For the motion picture Saviors at the Night we created the snow and frost effects. Our artificial snow Movie Snow HSX and Frost Powder was used. The film was produced by Pandora Film, directed by Ludi Boeken.

Duell - Enemy at the Gates - Paper snow in motion picture

Huge areas and lots of trees were covered with tha artificial snow Movie Snow HSX for the movie Enemy at the Gates. The film was produced by the Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Tannöd - Artificial snow effects with Magic Snow

To simulate defrosting snow for the movie Tannöd we used our Magic Snow to create snow and slush effects. Depending on the amount of added water the snow ranges from powder snow right through to snow slush. Director: Bettina Oberli, Production: Wüste Film West.

Ken Folletts Whiteout - Snow dressing and falling snow in motion picture

For the TV movie Eisfieber we covered huge areas with paper snow and generated an artificial snowstorm with our snow machines. The production locations were in Werneuchen and Spandau in 2009. Production: Constantin Television GmbH, director: Peter Keglevic.

Conspiracy - Frost effects with Frost Powder

In the TV production Conspiracy - The Meeting at Wannsee in 2001 a frosty film landscape was created by using Frost Powder. The film was produced by Labrador Ltd. And directed by Frank Pierson.