Fake snow and the environment

Artificial winter landscapes with environmentally friendly products

We have made it our mission to create artificial landscapes without harming the real ones. We always strive to find the best possible solution for our customers and the environment. It is a very important and responsible task especially when working outdoors for productions! We attach great importance to using environmentally friendly materials.

We use and source, where possible, recycled raw materials and biodegradable products. We focus on environmentally friendly packaging and the avoidance of plastic waste. We also make sure that our suppliers act according to these principles.

What are our products made of?

Our artificial snow is made of either pure cellulose, plastic, corn starch, polymer or dry foam fluid.

For outdoor use, we use only the environmentally friendly products of pure cellulose, including e.g. Movie Snow or Snow Base, or biodegradable cornstarch. The paper snow is obtained from renewable raw materials.

Our plastic products are used only indoors.

Sustainability and environmental awareness in everyday office life

Even in everyday office life we approach our environment with this attitude and make sure we use recyclable products where possible, avoid waste, separate the waste we do generate, place bulk orders and save energy. When printing documents, we take care to use as little paper as possible.
Furthermore, we put a lot of emphasis on a conscious diet, we eat mostly vegan / vegetarian meals and make sure that the products are organic and the coffee beans are fair trade and from a sustainable supply. We also have an osmosis system that allows us to get filtered water directly from the tap.