Fake snow & artificial ice for Cinema & TV

Artificial snow for film and television productions

We are established in the film industry. Renowned directors and producers trust our professional winter effects and appreciate the uncomplicated manner of our set-experienced crew. Hollywood blockbusters or TV productions - we were in the thick of it!

Realistic effects with artificial snow and artificial ice

Whether dressed snow or falling snow, slush, frost, hoarfrost or ice effects we have the right products for the required effect. Ash and soot or pollen effects are no problem. With over 20 years of film experience, our snow crews can create incredibly realistic looking winter sets.

Requirements for artificial snow and artificial ice

Our artificial snow and artificial ice products are not dependent of ambient temperature and can therefore be used in every season. They can be used with incredible precision and flexibility.

Do the products need to meet special requirements, such as fire standards or environmental compatibility? Again, this is not a problem as we have the decorative snow made from a variety of materials, including paper, corn starch, plastic, polymer or dry foam.

An estimate for winter effects

In order to submit a realistic offer, we need as much information as possible, ideally you can send the script. Some important information is: where and when is the shoot to take place? Is it to be shot in the studio or on location? Does the location have special requirements? What effect is desired - dressed snow, falling snow, ice effects, etc.? How big is the area that is to be covered in snow?

The more information we have the more realistic the initial estimate will be.