Artificial Snow and Ice Effects

Effects with plastic snow, paper snow and fake ice

We have been providing artificial winter effects for over 20 years. We work with products that do not melt, providing our clients with solutions that are not weather or temperature dependent. The high quality of our products ensures precision, detail and flexibility in application. We offer deceptively real looking snow and ice effects, from Hollywood blockbuster movies via classy shop window decorations right through to car dealerships.

Our artificial snow and ice effects at a glance

Dressed snow:

Snow decorations with a wide variety of options. Plastic snow is predominantly used indoors, whilst outdoors our paper snow or starch snow is used for environmental reasons.

Falling snow:
Artificial snowfall, which can be generated with our dry foam-based snow machines or using plastic snow. Alternatively, paper snow and starch snow products can also be used.

Frost & hoarfrost:
Simulation of ground frost, frozen surfaces on objects or windows with the help of our decorative snow products such as Glitter Snow, Movie Snow HSX or Frost Powder.

Ice Effects:
Ice effects, which can be simulated with a variety of with different materials such as ice gel, ice wax or artificial icicles. We also offer complete ice lounges created with plastic ice blocks.

Artificial Ice Blocks:
Setting various objects in plastic ice blocks. This is particularly suitable for product presentations and window dressing. These can also be used as an ice block to take selfies inside.

Artificial Ice Rink:
Skating like on real ice. No problem with synthetic ice rinks and can be used all year round.

Coloured artificial snow:
Ash and soot effects or moss and grass effects can also be simulated with our colored artificial snow.

Before vs. After:
Examples illustrating how landscapes or objects can be transformed with our artificial snow into winter scenes.