Artificial Snow Effects

An overview of our artificial snow effects

We have been providing artificial winter effects for over 20 years. We work with products that do not melt, providing our clients with solutions that are not weather or temperature dependent. The high quality of our products ensures precision, detail and flexibility in application. We offer deceptively real looking snow and ice effects, from Hollywood blockbuster movies via classy shop window decorations right through to car dealerships.

Six good reasons for using fake snow

Creativity: Artificial snow gives you absolute creative freedom.
Independence: Fresh virgin snow can be guaranteed for any situation; our snow doesn't melt!
Individuality: Any location can be transformed into winter locations regardless of where they are in the world.
Precision: When dressing snow, depth, density and condition can be dictated.
Flexibility: Our snow falls when you want it to; you dictate when and how much snow should fall.
Product Diversity: Our online shop has just the right product for every conceivable situation.