Decorative snow & artificial ice for events

Artificial snow for events, exhibitions and trade fairs

We delight your customers, guests and employees with our wintry illusions of decorative snow and decorative ice. From snow effects via ice effects to the rental of ice lounges and our artificial ice Photo-Box we have a lot in our portfolio. Enchant your guests with Hollywood’s first choice in terms of artificial snow.

Incredible effects with decorative snow & artificial ice

Fantastic snowfall, snowball fights, ice skating, fascinating winter landscapes, ice caves, cool ice lounges or our artificial ice Photo-Box - we create unique and unforgettable experiences with our products. Make dreams come true and thrill your customers, guests and employees alike. Snow-covered cars or frozen products are guaranteed to catch everyone's attention!
Bespoke products are no problem for us either!

Requirements for artificial snow and fake ice

Our artificial snow and artificial ice products are not dependent of ambient temperature and can therefore be used in every season. They can be used with incredible precision and flexibility. You can let your imagination run wild.

Do the products need to meet special requirements, such as fire standards or environmental compatibility? Again, this is not a problem as we have the decorative snow made from a variety of materials, including paper, corn starch, plastic, polymer or dry foam.

An estimate for winter effects

To make a realistic offer, we need as much information as possible, such as photos, plans or drawings. Some important indicators are: where and when is the event taking place? Is it an indoor or outdoor event? Does the venue have any special requirements? What effect is desired - dressed snow, falling snow, ice lounge, etc.? How big is the area to be snow? What type of surface are we working on?

The more information we have the more realistic the initial estimate will be.